Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids are fun...

Its testing week at school, so the kids are in study mode! I was on duty last night in the Cherne Home and was little apprehensive... I knew I would have to help them study for their tests and was kind of worried I would not be of much help.  Science is not my strong suit (mixtures and solutions---WHAT?!) and I am completely out of the loop on Filipino Civics---the kids were very forgiving though!  :)
They didn't have anything to study, but apparently they wanted in on the fun!

After studying comes...UNO!  Right?

Studying the solar system---they were quickly brushing up before I quizzed them!

Being silly....

The girls are teaching me about secularization in the Philippines in the mid-late 1800s!

Studying is fun!
A litte music to help the study-ers!  As I recall, it was a Christmas song they were singing!  ;)

The photographer!  She is good at self-pics!  ;)
The girls study hard...and ALL over the place!  ;)

I'm being educated....

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  1. I am glad you posted again! It is great to see pictures of these smart beautiful children studying and having fun. I am sure they will do well on their tests, I know they take them seriously. I was impressed with the programs they put on, the breadth of their knowledge, and their inquisitive natures. I have high regard for Children of Hope School teachers and CSC staff.