Tuesday, September 11, 2012


 CSC is in a time of transition.

Mitch and Ruth left a couple of weeks ago to return to the US for their year-long furlough----the office is noticebly different with Ruth gone and I have already had to remind myself that “the thing” I have to ask Mitch---he was kind of the “Answer Man”---will have to be asked of someone else.  Or will have to be “Googled”---Google knows almost as much as Mitch!  ;)

A farewell lunch
Praying over the Ohlendorfs

Similarly, Sandy is also in transition mode; she is now back in the Philippines after being home in the US for a year.  She has resumed her role as Child Development Director, and Amy and I are once again a 3-person team---which is wonderful because we often need to be at 3 different places at one time!

Speaking of life changes----Amy's life is about to change completely!  She is getting married in less than 2 months!  She is planning for the big day while also teaching preschool and serving on the Childcare team.  Can you say busy kaayo?! 

I have also been in a bit of a transition as I moved out of the home I was living in last year to a smaller apartment closer to the shelter.  I now have to fight the lizards, ants and roaches on my own and I am sort of failing miserably---I miss Katie (the dog) and Kali (the cat) who saved me from all of the creepy crawlies.  I no longer scream when I am startled by them---I just sharply inhale and then have to psych myself up to spraying them or smashing them with the nearest heavy object.  Ah, personal growth, such a beautiful thing.
My bathroom/closet

Here is my entryway---come on in!

Speaking of creepy crawlies---this is a cutlery garage!

My 2 burner, well, actually it is only a 1 burner, the second one is currently broken....  ;)

The makeup in our homes is changing as well.  We have received several new babies and will likely be admitting some older children later on.  The babies are adorable, Uncle Paul says that CSC always gets the cutest babies, and I am inclined to agree!  As a member of the Childcare team, I am also on our Referral team, the committee that decides who will be admitted.  I feel privileged to sit at the same table with our hard-working social workers, who live and work “in the trenches,” Uncle Paul, who is truly an icon at this organization, my colleagues on the Childcare team, who have proven their dedication to CSC for many years, Marlys Healy, our Medical Director and the catalyst for this ministry, and our counselors, who give each of our children time, attention and validation---their case loads are HUGE!  What an impressive committee, a powerhouse, a wealth of experience, knowledge and HEART----I am humbled---I sit there praying I will absorb, through osmosis, a fraction of their wisdom and strength.
Just a few of our new kids...

She is clearly still figuring me out!  ;)
I have a feeling this one is going to be spunky!

Look at that face!
Gwapo na siya----He is cute!

I am also sobered at those meetings.  Even though these babies are 2 weeks or 1 month old, the heartache and despair they have come from is unreal.  I pray that God has protected them from the stress and chaos of their prior living environments and that their memories will start here, at CSC.  Under the watch and care of our Aunties, who love these kids so tenderly, I pray that they will finally understand love as God originally intended for it to be lived out.  And our house parents, they are the salt of the earth.  They invest in the spiritual and personal development of each of our children---they care endlessly day in and day out for every child that comes and goes and they don’t forget. 

Here, our children learn about God and even though they don’t, nor do we, understand why their family was so devastated by poverty or depravity to the point of dissolution, they learn and, we know, that God has an even better plan.  God is good at making beauty from our messes.  He often gives us rainbows after the storm.

Please pray for our staff and our houses as we all flex during these times of transition.  These changes are joyous ones: new kids, much needed relaxation for hard-working staff members, a returning leader, a wedding, and a new home (for me!).  But change is hard too, so your prayers are always welcome!

I pray that you feel God’s presence strong around you---I know His hand is on CSC---I see it everyday---in His provision, in answered prayers, in protection, just to name a few.  That to me has been the most unexpected blessing I have received in my time here.

Thanks for caring about CSC, our kids, our staff members, our workers, our mission.  You are all a part of this beautiful legacy.


  1. My prayers for CSC were shaped by your post this morning Lindsay. Thanks for the update and the pictures, and the introduction to a cutlery garage! I'm so thankful for the impact you are making on our (always) beautiful children in Cebu. Thanks for bringing us along!

    1. Hey Matt! Thanks for reading and praying and commenting! ;)

  2. NICE -- VERY NICE!! -- blog today. You are such a good writer,and I know you make many others feel good with your gracious and appreciative and encouraging nature. That was a good thing to write about! It shows that CSC is not static, but ever-changing and ever-challenging. And the love and good works of CSC shows through, you portray it very well!
    Love you! Mom

    1. Oh Mom, I think you are my biggest fan! ;) And I am endlessly blessed by you. Thank you so much for always reading my blog and encouraging me all the time! I have seen and worked with many families who don't care---I am so blessed to be a part of one that does! Love you!

  3. Beautiful, Lindsay! Brings me to tears. We are so thankful for CSC and for your ministry there. And ditto everything your mom said so well!
    (I think my Google Account will post me as Sherry, but you know me as Cheryl Morgan.) : ) You are in my prayers often. God bless you!!!

    1. Cheryl, it was so nice to hear from you! Thanks for reading and thanks for your sweet words. I know how dearly you think of CSC and we are so thankful for you and your special family! Thanks also for your prayers!